We can help if you are considering any of the following in Finland:

Launching of products or services
Establishment of sales organisations
Acceleration of searches for new customers


  • We carry out market analysis to determine which of your company’s products have the most potential in the selected target customer segment.
  • We provide you with in-depth knowledge on which companies are buying, what they are buying and when.
  • Our research is sales-oriented, which sets us apart from the competition.


We deliver meaningful customer experiences. Our service generates data and leads and provides a forum for online meetings. Amongst other possibilities, we can help you arrange meetings at the annual Slush startup and tech event held in Helsinki!


  • Only the best practices in Finnish markets – we found the way.
  • We will help you develop the most effective sales model for Finnish markets.
  • Our references: Websense Ltd, Netcorp Software services and Fujitsu Finland.
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